TOYOTA 02-7FGA50 7FGA50-10001
Product Detail
Stock No. To be Allocated
Model 02-7FGA50
Serial Number 7FGA50-10001
Capacity 5.0-Ton
Mast 4,7 FSV
Engine G4 ( TOYOTA )
Fuel Automatic 3-Spd ( 2xF / 1xR )
Transmission Automatic
Power Steer Yes
Attachment Side-Shift
Hours 32
Year After 1997
Tare 7,570 Kg
Front Tyres Pneumatic ( 40 % )
Rear Tyres Solid ( 80 % )
Forks 1,220 mm
Seat OK
Lamps Not Fitted BUT Will Supply
Comment Full-Free Triplex Mast
4th Oil Control Valve Fitted
SAS NOT Fitted
Condition Very Good
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